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I don't believe this. I lived in NJ in the late 80's but was in my late 20's and really didn't care about guns. I lived in Paramas and only cared about partying in the city. I came back home to Texas when I grew up but I also got dang tired of all the BS with other things. Like can't even pump your own gas or get your car inspected unless it's at the state inspection station. 3 hour yearly waits to get my car inspected, give me a break. One time I was in a public park chipping golf balls and a cop drives by and on his speaker tells me "No Golf in Park". Insane. I just couldn't take anymore of that nonsense. Now with my love of guns I just don't know how you guys stand it. If that is not Communism I don't understand it. Here in Texas I have never had to wait more than a few mins for a NICS and I never was in the store more than a half hour total. Now with a CHL I'm in and out in like 5 mins. I really hope you guys get things straight so you can move from all that nonsense. We would love to have you here in the great state of Texas. Who knows, maybe we will be a Republic again one day.
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