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jimmy lowboy
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I have a CENTURY .308 conversion 49\56 .The mag looks the same as the surplus 7.5 extra that I picked up for it. I have only fired about 75-100 rounds from it,and so long ago I can't remember group size. It shot much better than the pair of (.308)converted 36 MAS bolt guns I have. My gun has some nasty trigger slap that makes shooting 2-3 mags on a cold day more than enough fun.I had no malfunctions with any of the surplus ammo that I fired. The carrier and bolt are easily removed for cleaning, and the receiver is factory grooved for a side scope mount, but they are hard to find. The rifle is machined very well and the only odd feature is the clothespin mag latch.It would be in my opinion be a solid and durable rifle
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