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NICS wait period

Here's the deal in NJ
regarding NICS...

NJ decided years ago that they didn't want to use the FREE NICS system offered by the FBI as they viewed the NICS checks as a source of revenue. Therefore all NICS checks that are done at point of purchase in NJ go through the NJ State Police.

Recently, due to "higher than normal volumes" NJ NICS no longer accepts phone calls, they only take the info via fax, which goes into a pile and they do them as they were received. This started around mid-January and continues with no relief in sight.

The current wait time, as of 4/1, is about 10 days, which seems to grow by about one day a week. There is no mandatory waiting period in NJ. The state charges $15 to perform this check with some FFLs charging above and beyond that to profit from it. This $15 fee is also taxable which really makes it $16.05 after tax.

There are talks of a class action law suit in the works to force NJ to revert to making these background checks "instant". Personally I view this delay as unacceptable and an infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights. NJ has effectively instituted an illegal waiting period on purchases due to this backlog.

Additionally NJ requires a firearm ID card (FID) to purchase long guns, hand guns and ammo. Hand guns apps require, in addition to the FID, Pistol Purchase Permits. These PPPs must be obtained one for each handgun, are good for 90 days (extendable to 180 days) and you may only obtain 3 at a time. NJ also limits you to one handgun purchase every 30 days. The current wait time to obtain an FID and PPPs is anywhere from 2-6 months depending on which township/county you reside in. The cost for an FID is about $80 (which is good for life) and PPPs are $2 each plus an $18 background check fee.

It's confusing, ridiculous and, in my opinion, unconstitutional. Ask me again why I live here?!?!??

Check out for more info!
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