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The seven day wait sounds kind of fishy to me. I've never waited over a few minutes in smaller shops where they can make the call right away, and usually no more than a half hour in Cabella's or Bass Pro when they are busy with many sales requiring a lot of phone calls. I don't see what diference the state of residence means. Local, and state waiting periods yes, but not the "instant" check.

The only thing I think is diffrent about your state are your LGS is willing to let you take the gun home and if your NICS check comes back no good the LGS has to get the gun back. Where here in NJ the LGS owners are not so nice and trusting, they wont let the gun leave the store without that NICS check being cleared...
I doubt that happens much at all. Maybe if the dealer is a close personal friend, but I think he would still be taking a chance on violating federal law by letting someone have the gun before getting the proceed from the NICS check.
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