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Re: CZ75 SP 01 owners with trigger pull gauge..

Originally Posted by RickB View Post
I was talking CZ with a couple of guys on Saturday, and got a very positive recommendation for Cajun Gunworks. They make a spring kit, which may include some other bits, and with DIY installation, my buddy says the DA pull on his gun is about six pounds. It does require soft primers (Federal) for 100% ignition, but so does my S&W revolver.
I may just do it myself (Trigger, hammer spring replacements). I have converted a Saiga, assembled an AR, and out a drop-in trigger kit in the XD. I figure I can handle replacing a few strings. My first experience opening up a CZ was a nightmare in wait. Luckily, I had two of the same gun and was able to match up parts (CZ 82). Spronggggg....
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