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Boogieman I hear you. I have been eating my words for a month now. I have bought my ruger gp100 357 and my walthers 380 already (paid in full) and all I need is my permits to come back from the town... I have 3 riffles I want to sight in on paper but Im waiting for these 3 to come in so I can break them in too. Im still waiting for my sig p220 super match to come in from sig so Im in no hurry for the permit on that one but I filed for 3 handguns the same time... Im getting tired of sitting on my hands waiting...

Lamarw and Tailgator there is I think a 3 day wait time for a handgun in NJ. Yes I would think the NICS check is the same everywhere. The problem here is the gun craze every LGS I have went to has an Instant 7 day NICS check here. Cause with riffles before this gun buying craze I have walked into LGS picked a riffle I liked filled out the paper work they made a phone call and 2 mins later I was walking to my car with my riffle.
The only thing I think is diffrent about your state are your LGS is willing to let you take the gun home and if your NICS check comes back no good the LGS has to get the gun back. Where here in NJ the LGS owners are not so nice and trusting, they wont let the gun leave the store without that NICS check being cleared...
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