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Sooo, why was he so upset? I never seen a person act that way just cause.
Crazy people do crazy things. Just a couple months ago, I was leaving a clinic (owned and ran by the University of Arizona Medical Center, and as such an extension of the University, meaning no guns) with my infant son and 3.5 year old daughter. She was having a checkup after a few hours in the hospital a few days before. As I approached my car, I saw a car on the main road rolling up to the stop light (it was red, and he was behind another car). His window was down, and he just started screaming at the top of his lungs.

It took me a couple moments to realize he was screaming at the car in front of him for stopping at the stop light. This dude was banging on the steering wheel, and hitting the horn periodically. He then started screaming at the stop light "Stupid [expletive] stoplight! TURN GREEN, G-D'it," and other things like that. I quickly got the kids strapped in while keeping an eye out on this guy. I jumped in the driver's seat got my phone out, and typed 9-1-1 into it, ready to call if this guy did something. At the same time, I unlocked the safe that had my gun in it...just in case.

The light turned green, he was still screaming, but he went on his way. His screaming went on for a solid 90 seconds, at least. I called the PD non-emergency line and gave them a description and a plate number, just in case. I just told them I was concerned this guy might do something to harm someone. The behavior was very odd, and I wanted them to be aware of what I had seen. They thanked me, and of course, I never heard anything about anything happening.

So yeah, crazy people do crazy things sometimes...

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