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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
How is a magazine registry supposed to work again?
It's what we call a chilling effect. Enforcement will be random and rare, but the idea of prosecution will be enough to discourage people from owning these. Even if John Q. Public legitimately owned the magazines before the ban, he'll likely get rid of them to avoid the potential hassle.
I think that sums it up well. I tried to do some surfing from my computer at work and I stumbled across a discussion about the proposed CT law, with a statement from a guy who I think was the chief Democrat pooh-bah in one of the chambers of the CT legislature. What they really want is to just not have ANY "large capacity" magazines in the state at all, so their view is that allowing people who already own them to keep them (with registration) and pretend they don't hold more than ten rounds is bending over backwards to be "fair."

And they view it as cutting off the flow. They apparently seriously expect the other 49 states to follow suit and outlaw "large capacity" magazines, and their goal (as we have always said) is to simply have them disappear through attrition.

I hope someone in CT gets this before the Supreme Court quickly, while it can still be argued that denying "The people" the right to use the weapons in common use (the language used by Mr, Scalia in Heller) is contrary to the Constitution.
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