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In the book I am reading, the hero is shot at but only grazed by a rifle bullet from a sniper, laying prone, 125 yards away. He and his wife each pull their model 1911s and fire back, two magazines each. Of aproximately 30 rounds, the sniper is hit 25 times.
Well, if the "sniper" is hit 25 out of 30 or so times, clearly he's not much of a "sniper". To be hit that often means he clearly he had no cover but instead sought concealment behind a clear plastic sheet.

Could be though, he said to himself, "Darn it! All these rocks and trees and bushes and such that I'm hunkered down behind of make it hard for me to see! Best if I get out in front of them where I can get a clear view."

Then after he'd been hit likely he said to himself, "Darn it! I've been shot 3 or so times. Probably just lucky shots. It's best if I just lie here as still as I can get. They're bound to start missing pretty soon! I mean what are the odds? Likely they train only for 'shorter defensive distances', they'll start missing soon enough.

"What's that old question? If it's pouring rain do you get more wet if you stand still for 30 seconds or if you run for the same time? I believe it's when ya stay still." He likely said.

Now that I've thought about this I wonder...why did I think about this?

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