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I have a use of left hand only. After being robbed couple of times in my bussiness, started carrying 5 shot snub revolver. For a while, it seemed like sufficient option till I went to the range and started looking into different scenarios. Five rounds is not a bad scaraway option, but not necessarily the best option if one would encounter more determined attacker, or more than one attacker. One of scenario is several pitbulls running loose in my neighbourhood as well. In the meantime, we,ve been getting shot at movies, malls, churches, schools and so on. Seems like there is a "mad dog" on every corner of this country. Reloading revolver can be done, but not even as close as fast as semi can be loaded, specially in high stress situation. If one would decide to stick to revolver, lots of reloading practice would be in order, as well as choice of models with higher round capacity. I carry 38 snub as a back up gun only in tandem with semi. Drawing revolver can be faster than reloading, or clearing jamed semi.
As far as semi, or autoloader, lefthanded only person can overcome some difficulties by proper selection of weapon. There are fully ambidextrious models out there and some are much easier to rack than the other. Nines are good choice with that respect. Personaly, I have opted for magazine capacity of 13 rnds, which makes it 14 alltogether, for carry and home defense, which seems sufficient for most of the scenarios I could think of. It takes me 5-6 second to load another mag. which can be 13, or 17 rounds.
The most important factor for one handed operated semi, in my wiev, is the choice of highly reliable weapon, one wouldn't want to have to clear chamber before thew clip is empty. I would also recomend DA/SA choice; in my wiev it can be carried wit safety off, one less operation to do in higly contentious and stressful moment.

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