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Why is the wait period on the NICS so different between New Jersey and Alabama? I bought a new pistol last month from my local gun store in Montgomery, AL and headed home within twenty minutes of entering the store. The NICS call and approval took less than a couple of minutes. My wife set the in the car while I went in and got my new Sig.

I know NJ has tougher State gun laws than Alabama, but is't the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the same? Is there something else causing the 7 day wait vs. NICS approval time. The letter "I" in the acronym is for "Instant".

Now if someone told me an hour, then I might understand because of a phone back-up.

Is there a wait period in New Jersey? If so, then it is not waiting on NICS Approval as the cause of the wait period.
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