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I feel your pain... You are in the same state I am in and good luck with even getting it back in 7 days.....
My purchase permits are in there 2 and 1/2 month and I went and asked about them at the 2 month mark cause they told me it would take about 2 months 2 weeks ago. They told me everything was back and just needed the chief to look it over and sign it but the chief was on vacation that week. So I figured last week I would have gotten the class. I guess the pen ran out of ink that week. So now I'm sitting here at this week hoping for the call. Then I will have to wait the NIC check 7 day waiting period which I know will take long then 7 days...
I know that because today is 8 days since I put in a NIC check for a shotgun I bought 2 Saturdays ago and I called to see if it was back today and sure enough not in yet.
So I hope you get yours in 7 days.
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