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First firearm question

I'm looking at buying my first firearm and want some insight. I want to get better at shooting and am leaning toward a .22 mainly for costs. I was looking at getting a Savage Mark II but went into my pawn shop today and came across an older Marlin tube fed semi-auto with scope and solid wood stock for $150. The stock has several markings on it but te scope, barrel, and trigger looked to be in pretty decent shape. The tube had a little trouble coming out for a few seconds but it slid out. It felt pretty solid.

I don't really know what Im looking for. I've shot several rifles, but don't really know how to judge a used rifle. Any insight on what I should do is very appreciated. Theres also a gun show coming up in a few weeks and was going to check that out.

I've shot a .357 6" revolver and would want that over anything but know it's probably not the best idea right now...
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