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its boiled linseed oil with an added hardener so it doesnt take you days for it to dry before being able to apply the next coat

I put BLO on my CMP Special Grade Garand. New stock, so it needed something.

That "something" turned out to be 25 coats of BLO. Not one was left to dry for "days." The 24th coat was intended to be the last, but I was silly and left it to dry overnight without buffing. That's dumb. Don't do that. I had to take a rough piece of cloth to it and then apply another coat to get it to look right.

I would apply a coat of BLO, then let it sit for about 30-40 minutes. Then I would come back and buff it with a lint free rag and reapply, setting the countdown timer for another 30-40 minutes. I did that for about two days.

The result looks awesome. I did put 3 very very light coats of Johnson's paste wax over it for weather protection. Had I not managed to gouge the stock while doing some other stuff to it (just call me Mr. Butterfingers) it would look even better.
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