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Slow fire on a long range target with a handgun will not prepare you to defend yourself with said handgun, against someone with a rifle at 125 yards.
It goes a dang sight farther in preparing a shooter for that very unusual circumstance than shootin B27's at 5 yards.

but at such extreme distances, a handgun is practically useless for defensive purposes.
Think we can all agree that it's an oxymoron using the terms "extreme distance" and "defensive purposes" in the same sentence. Let alone when we throw handguns into the mix. But then, handguns aren't nearly as limited as you seem to think they are. Shooter maybe, not the gun. I'm not about to defend the premise of the OP's book, it was dumb, but I'll guarantee you wouldn't want to be at 125 yards if I started shooting 15 rounds of .45acp as fast as I could pull the trigger. The odds I score better than 25% is slim to none but how many times would I have to hit? I can pull mighty fast, a man isn't that small and 125 yards isn't that far. Even for a lowly .45.

We could debate all day about who's responsible for the thread drift, You, me, AZAK, etc. You want to say I brought fun up, I'm fine with that. But your post (#28) definitely aired against using handguns for anything but close range, run and gun, SD type shooting. That is what I was responding too, my feelings on the OP's book were covered well before you chimed in.
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