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For what it is worth, at one time I had a heated, portable toilet, tree stand (yup I need comfort). I noticed that deer would graze and cross my path where I had walked in to the tree stand. None ever showed any awareness, nervousness, apprehension, or spooked (just kept on grazing), at where I had walked less than an hour earlier. However, if there was snow on the ground, and they came across my tracks in the snow, they would go squirrelly (appeared nervous, upset) and would snort and look around. I have observed this behavior from deer on two different occasions, years apart. In the first instance I was hidden behind a large tree with a crotch where I could peek out at my back-trail. When the old doe saw my tracks she went nuts. She would run a few yards in one direction, snort, turn and run a few yards in another direction while intently looking. The young deer were not alarmed and just stood waiting for her. After 3-4 minutes of this, she led them nervously on their way. I have concluded that the scent one leaves from the bottoms of one's boot-soles is of no consequence, but the tracks one leaves in the snow is interpreted as an indication of danger (and/or human). Anyone else make these same observations?
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