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If there isn't a serious and devastating backlash in the next elections and a sweeping ruling from SCOTUS announcing strict scrutiny outside the home on the pending cert cases, I fear we are doomed.

Why should the antigunners even care what goes through congress when an unnavigable patchwork of laws can be created at the state level? We already know that the administration has engaging in unprecedented arm-twisting at the state legislatures.

I believe there is a limit to this level of unconstrained infringement beyond which many people will take a stand. I fear that the antis will poke, shove, and antagonize until an inevitable pushback wherein they can say, "Look, just as we said all along, these are violent, evil, antigovernment insurrectionists who cannot be trusted with 2nd amendment rights", backwardly justifying their own behavior which forced the situation in the first place.

I don't know what is more loathsome, that this level of disregard for rights could lead to violence, or that it never will.

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