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Your posts didn't talk about fun or indicate you were having fun, they were very much based on SD and it had little to nothing to do with the OP's 125 yards shot question.
I would say my posts had very much to do with the 125 yard shot question. Slow fire on a long range target with a handgun will not prepare you to defend yourself with said handgun, against someone with a rifle at 125 yards. My point was in response to someone who was disparaging people who practice at "5 yards" and can't hit anything past 30 yards. Beyond that, a shooter with a rifle, against 2 people with handguns at 125 yards is no contest, unless you're very lucky. The guy with the rifle will almost certainly win, unless you've been training to defensively hit a long range target with a handgun. No one does this. Some will shoot long range for fun, or handgun hunting, or whatever, but being shot at, by someone with a superior weapon system for the situation is a completely different ball game.

IT very much had a "you need a gun for short range SD and nothing else" tone.
Are you saying you'd rather have a handgun at long range than say a rifle? I'll agree that at any range, a handgun is better than nothing, but at such extreme distances, a handgun is practically useless for defensive purposes. If I were in the situation outlined by the OP, certainly, I'd do everything I could do, but I'm a realist. There's practically no way I will win this fight.

They also contained an attitude towards anyone who takes slow aimed fire as if they were somehow beneith your ubber short range, run and gun expertise.
Huh? I'd re-read your post. Your post was dripping with that same type of language. As if there's no way you can have fun doing anything but long range slow fire, and other people aren't doing it right. This thread isn't about what training or shooting is most fun. It's about whether someone can hit 25 for 30, at a human sized target, at 125 yards. My thoughts on training were only to highlight the fact that the scenario given by the OP was highly improbable.

I have fun shooting. I do all sorts of kinds of shooting. I enjoy IDPA/IPSC style scenarios the most. They're exciting, and a very serious challenge. I also have fun taking my Mossberg 702 out to range and shooting cans, or whatever else I might have. Again, the context of this thread isn't about what's fun. YOU changed it to that. I will never disparage someone doing something they're having fun with, especially when it comes to shooting.

Glad you have fun running your drills or your courses but the "it's the only true use for a gun" attitude that shows us nothing.
YOU'RE the one who brought up the fun aspect. That has NO bearing WHATSOEVER on this thread. It shows us nothing. If the thread was, "What kind of shooting is the most fun?" we would be on topic. You made it about what was fun. My comments on training and practice were aimed at others, and to help make my point. Nice derail, there.

When it comes to the OP's question I could see how you may think 125 yards hits are beyond the realm of possibility. Most of your shootin at 5-10 yards? Really? No wonder you have trouble with the 25 yard shots on your IDPA course.
Ahh, the ad hominem. This is the one that get's brought out when you realize you have nothing else to offer in the argument.

Let me rephrase, maybe you'll understand:

25 for 30 at 125 yards, with a handgun, being shot at by a rifle. (Just to make sure you fully understand the scenario).

This is almost to the realm of impossibility. Could it be done? I try to never say never, so I will say sure, it's possible. But it is highly unlikely. Hitting a human sized target at 125 with a handgun, slow fire is certainly possible, and I've done it several times (well, never shot at anything past 100 yard with a handgun, anyway). Doing it under stress, and under attack, it's just probably not gonna happen, no matter how much you'd like it to.
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