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Thank you guys!

I do love bullseye. Internet reviews seem to state otherwise but I've always received great service there. A friend I went shooting with today was having ftf issues with his recently bought kahr cw 40 while I was trying out my new ruger. He got it fixed for free while they were in the middle of closing and it now runs flawlessly.

Anyway the ruger shoots like a dream, the d/a trigger pull is so smooth and the sights are great. I am very happy with this purchase I fed her 50 rds .38 sp, 25 125 gr .357, and 25 158 gr .357. I learned there is quite a difference between 125 and 158 gr (this is my first .357 btw). This gun will mainly see .38's and 125 gr .357, mostly because I have to go out of my way to find 158 gr .357 and for $10 more than 125 gr. I can put .38's wherever I want on the paper but ill def need some practice with the .357's
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