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Running through an IDPA-like scenario is incredibly fun, and a huge adrenaline rush. More so than slow firing at a 100 yard gong. But since you say that's what's fun, and training for the possibility of being viciously attacked isn't fun, I guess I'm wrong.
Your posts didn't talk about fun or indicate you were having fun, they were very much based on SD and it had little to nothing to do with the OP's 125 yards shot question. IT very much had a "you need a gun for short range SD and nothing else" tone. They also contained an attitude towards anyone who takes slow aimed fire as if they were somehow beneith your ubber short range, run and gun expertise. Glad you have fun running your drills or your courses but the "it's the only true use for a handgun" attitude that shows us nothing.

When it comes to the OP's question I could see how you may think 125 yards hits are beyond the realm of possibility. Most of your shootin at 5-10 yards? Really? No wonder you have trouble with the 25 yard shots on your IDPA course. That'd be a chip shot for that slow fire bullseye shooter even if he did have to rush.

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