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Statistically the odds I have to hit an attacker at any range is slim. Where as the odds I'm gonna have/want to hit that critter or gong or rabid pop can are at 100%. You may not believe this but most guns are owned for fun not outta fear. Set your drills aside and have some fun for Lord's sake.
Oh, I didn't realize that you're the guy who sets the definition of what fun is.

I do have fun with what I'm doing. I look forward to hitting the range everytime I go, regardless of what I'm doing. The chances I'll have to hit a critter at any range is zero. Not against hunting or varminiting or anything like that, I just don't participate in it. I'm more likely going to have to shoot at someone to defend myself, than shoot a critter for fun.

Running through an IDPA-like scenario is incredibly fun, and a huge adrenaline rush. More so than slow firing at a 100 yard gong. But since you say that's what's fun, and training for the possibility of being viciously attacked isn't fun, I guess I'm wrong.

Anyhow, the original post was about a defensive "fear" induced situation. Not hitting a hog (or gong, or whatever) at 100 yards. 25 out of 30 with a 1911 at 125 yards is highly improbable, and there is likely no amount of practical training that will get you to the point where you could do what was described in that situation.
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