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so then, my information on the AR15 is outdated? they moved the recoil spring into the receiver and changed that excessively long bolt carrier to a shorter one, installed rails so theres no more steel on aluminum contact causing excessive friction requiring more, and more frequent lubrication, and they fixed the magwell to fit better, more modern curved magazines?.... no?.. they only fixed the ammo?.. hmm, now if only i had actually mentioned ammo in my previous post as one of its flaws

these flaws with the AR15 are NOT fixable without designing a new rifle, the SCAR and ACR come close, but one last flaw still remains, the magazines.. fix that issue and these rifles would be very close to perfect
Dear God....
if there are design features that you don't like, then just say so, however these are not flaws, they do not harm the reliability, accuracy, or operation of the rifle at all. several members here have addressed your views and shown how what you see as flaws are just design aspects of this rifle and really cause no problems whatsoever.

if you do not like the AR15 then that is your right but you are just spouting off plain unadulterated nonsense.

almost all modern military firearms use a magazine styled after the AR magazine, not the AK.
HK MP7, FN F2000, Steyr AUG, XCR, ACR, all use a magazine that starts out straight and curves once it clears the magwell. how many of these are known to have serious problems with design? I'll save you some wiki time, the answer is zero.

the only modern military firearm I know of that has a fully curved magazine is the British SA80 rifle and it's had serious problems since it's inception.
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