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wow, i really appreciate all of your help, thanks!

Spitpatch, tranny fluid? good call, i'll try it!

Doc Hoy, i think its going to be dixie. that's the only place i see that has most of the parts for remingtons, numrich, and a couple other places didn't seem to have the full kit, thanks!

Hawg, like i said, i was going on what some guy said who seemed to know about the beals barrel and NMA frame/cylinder. i don't suppose it affects ordering of the parts, even if it is a beals barrel. thanks for the manufacture date, you know something is old, but hearing a date makes it extra cool, thanks!

Pohill, i have a repro Rem pocket model that functions well. would the working parts be the same for it as the NMA? it doesn't appear to be a nickel finish, just worn blueing. thanks!
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