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Noise and movement are the things that will get you busted. You go into the woods and you are on the game's home turf. It lives there and knows when something is out of place. Moving around and making noises they aren't use to will cause them to key in on you faster than the clothing you wear. Camo patterns matter to us, not them. I have yet to kill a deer that could tell the difference between Realtree, Mossy Oak or the old Woodland camo patterns.

We have guys in our club that are successful on a regular basis (I'm one) and those that don't ever see anything. I took the son of one of our members with me one evening, we sat up there and 10 minutes in he was bobbing up and down like a "Whack a Mole" game, face shining and red hair. I made him sit still, knocked the shine off with a face mask and had a hammer of a buck come out right at dusk (he and his dad always got out of the stand 30 minutes before dark, come to find out both are afraid of the dark woods ) He was too shook up to take the shot but he saw deer.

Keep still and keep quiet and you could wear a neon shirt and they won't care.
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