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An excellent example is "buck fever". Perfectly capable marksman at the range, fumbles and can't hit the broad side of a barn at the sight of a legal animal. Or the many accounts of people forgetting the safety on their firearm when being robbed, and continuing to pull the trigger again and again...
And thus, my point is made.

Hitting 25 for 30 at 125 yards while being shot at in a defensive situation AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

Like I said, hitting a target at 100 yards, slow fire, no pressure isn't really a difficult thing to do. Someone who has never done it before, they'll have some difficulty. But once you learn how your gun behaves at that range, and how to aim, most people should be able to reliably hit a man sized target at 100 yards (or 125 as the case may be) at least 50-60% of the time.

Add in the buck fever aspect of it, and you'll be closer to 0% of the time than anything.

This is a topic that comes up a lot. No training is going to be able to prepare you to defend yourself if the time comes. If you're a handgun hunter, that 100 yard gong is a good thing to train with. If you're training for the possibility of having to fire in self defense, there's almost no benefit to shooting past 50 yards (and I'd even argue past 25 yards). There are other skills that I need to work on (and I'm an OK shot...). Being able to hit a target out to 100 yards might be fun to do (and it is) but it's benefit for defensive shooting is almost nothing.

I train at around 10 yards, give or take 10 yards. I practice rapid fire, malfunction drills, reloads, movement, using cover, multiple threats, firing from retention, etc. Although there is no guarantee any of these skills will need to be used in any defensive shooting I might be a part of, there's a far higher probability that those skills will be used than skill hitting something out to 100 yards.

Unfortunately, since we're talking about a fictional story here, the author can put whatever they want. And we can argue it all day long. Let me amend my original position. I said it'd be impossible to hit 25 for 30 at 125 yards. A better way to put it would be it's highly improbable.
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