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The topic of this thread proves once again, that most often, authors for novels and screenwriters or even directors for movies lack a knowledge of firearms. For me, its more an expectation rather than a disappointment. Also, many times when a movie has a gun or gun scene which more historically accurate or realistic, the movie may not be as good otherwise. Sometimes, depending upon the movie, book, play, etc you have to just get over the fact that the gun, the action with the gun, or the handling of the gun is senseless. The other consideration is that the movie fan who has no knowledge of firearms is most likely not to notice anyways, which goes back to one reason why this happens in the first place - many people don't care about that.

One of my favorite "only in the movies" gun moments is when someone uses a revolver with a silencer. We know (I hope) that this is largely not worth the effort, but it was done in Magnum Force and in the original Manchurian Candidate, which are both great movies, aside from those misconceptions surrounding firearms.
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