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@ Red: I actually decided for the little bit of extra money each year to just get dedicated firearms insurance. The guys at Allstate did not fill me with confidence. The first time I called they needed to "talk to someone special at corporate but he is on vacation"....the second time I called the guy I talked to had no freaking clue what the first guy was talking about , but couldn't help me and I gave up after 20 mins of going round and round...the third time I called I got someone who knew what he was talking about....I can't imagine having to deal with that if I actually needed to file a claim.

For $100.00 a year or so for an average (Sub 10K) collection you can pretty much have your firearms totally covered, it is a good idea though to keep copies of the bills of sale etc in some kind of a safety deposite box. As a quirk I keep pictures of all my guns and serial numbers incase they are ever stolen.
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