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The range is probably the best place to try out other guns. Most people will let you try their guns if you ask them about their guns and how they like them. They will provide the ammo too. Let people know that you are in the market to buy and are looking at different models. I let strangers shoot mine quite often.

I belong to a pistol league, and there have been many times where a member has brought out a newbie who is in the market just to try out lots of guns. People are typically lined up "here, try mine, try mine". A small gal came out last year and I bet she tried out over 20 guns. She even shot my 460 I advised against it, but she really wanted to try it. She did fine with it.

Oh, and the one you have been trying is as good of choice as any. But it's always a good idea to try as many as you can.
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