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Because I am retired Navy...

...I can get medical testing done, almost just by asking for it.

I mentioned to my caregiver that I do a lot with molten lead, that I handle lead more than the average bear. I asked what the hazards are and how does one test to see if I need to be concerned.

She ordered a blood test and the results were that my lead levels are smack in the middle of the normal range.

I have a faculty member working for me who is a medical doctor. He validated my caregiver's test and when I gave him my results he stated that my level was completely normal.

When I cast or smelt, I certainly could use stricter precautions. I always work in a ventilated area with cross ventilation. I don't always use a mask. I wash my hands carefully after casting or smelting, but not during the process. I never use gloves. For me, gloves make the process more dangerous due to the risk of spillage.

I have eye protection which I think is important.

I recommend that anyone who decides to do their own bullets be far more prudent than I am. I am too fool-hearty for my own good. It is just the way I am.

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