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model 1911s and fire back, two magazines each. Of aproximately 30 rounds, the sniper is hit 25 times.
NO. Not gonna happen.

Slow fire long range accuracy is possible, although the 1911 is far from the best choice.

Shooting back against a sniper with their handguns? Unless your characters have practiced shooting those guns at that distance, ain't gonna be no 25 hits. 2 or 3 perhaps, random hits would be much closer to believable and zero hits (with a few near misses) would be much closer to reality.

I can hit (repeatedly, once I'm on) the 200 yard gong at my local range with any handgun you give me, usually before the gun is empty. Off hand. Assuming there's no wind, and a spotter (really needed for the small calibers), its just a matter of learning how much front sight to hold up, to compensate for the drop.

With a .45 auto, you need to hold up enough so a point between a third to half way to the ejection port is level with the top of your rear sight. Put your target on top of the front sight and spot the fall of shot, correcting as needed.

And, remember that you have no reference point on the slide, so each shot will be a best guess using the force. Once you learn how much to hold up, you can get pretty close, shot after shot. Marking the slide makes it even easier.

BUT, do that rapidly enough to be suppressive fire against a sniper, and accurately enough to get hits (and 25 out of 30 is a pipe dream)? Maybe, if your shooters had spent hundreds of hours of long range practice, including rapid fire.

I couldn't do it, and I've spent the best part of 20 years shooting thousands of rounds out of different handguns across a 200 yd canyon at targets 10" or so, sometimes less.

I don't know if even Mack Bolan could make 25 hits out of 30...

I could get close enough that the sniper would know he was being shot at...and I might even get a hit on him, maybe even two, sometimes even a blind monkey finds a banana! (and that's assuming the sniper, with a rifle, who has already hit me once-grazed) doesn't get another shot and a solid hit while the wife and I are in spray and pray mode

Now, at 125yds, given a head & shoulders size target, my old 7.5" Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt, with the load I have been shooting since 1983, some cover, and that sniper will have something to really worry about....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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