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Anyone can do that adequately.
Part of the point is that most can not.
Why not? Because they do not practice at longer distances; and they may not have the skill set, and/or may not be physically able (eyesight, muscle control, etc...).

I practice and train to be able to hit my target at closer ranges, because chances are very slim I'll have to take a shot greater than 10 yards.
Different focus/shooting discipline. Sure there are some overlapping skills; however, again different emphasis.

Until one is "in that situation where the chips are down" one really doesn't know how one will perform/react. Punching paper and hitting steel, timed or not, near or far, fast or slow can help simulate situations. But, until it really counts you just don't know. Again, training/practice/skills all can help; I am a strong advocate of all of these.

An excellent example is "buck fever". Perfectly capable marksman at the range, fumbles and can't hit the broad side of a barn at the sight of a legal animal. Or the many accounts of people forgetting the safety on their firearm when being robbed, and continuing to pull the trigger again and again...

And on the other side of the coin, the first time hunter who drops his animal with the first shot, or the person who remembers to flick off the safety.

Both examples may have the same/similar training and perform equally at the range; however, there are many names for it but until you are there... one just doesn't know.

Because statistically, if I am in a shooting situation, I won't have to hit a gong at 100 yards...instead, I'll have to hit an attacker at under 10 yards.
Being a hunter there have been many times that I have utilized the skills involved in being able to easily hit a 100 yard gong, yet I have never had to "hit an attacker at under 10".

YMMV (And that is the beauty of it.)
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