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Now, doing this after being "wounded" with the possibility of return fire is a bit of a game changer. And one would assume that a sniper would not be standing upright there just taunting a pair of 1911 wielding opponents, even at 125 yards.
And that's the key. It's not about slow fire, bullseye shooting from 100 yards. Anyone can do that adequately. You add in adrenaline, and many other potential factors, and your ability to hit anything past 50 yards diminishes GREATLY.

thank you AZAK. Exactly!! And to those who say its 30 yards its too far for me or whatever. All I can say is you must not shoot often are either practice at 5 yards . LOL
Ahh, so you're that guy who goes to the range, sets his target out to 50 (or 100, or whatever) yards. Takes careful slow aim. If using a revolver, or DA/SA semi, cocks the hammer, then carefully squeezes the trigger. Hits the target, of course, but then gives crap to the people that can get 5 rapid fire shots within 6 inches at 25 yards, because you got 5 shots within 6 inches at 100 yards, and it only took you a minute and a half to get the shots off! Sound unreasonable? I've seen it.

Shooting a static target, with no pressure/stress/adrenaline at any distance on a standard range is one thing. Doing it under pressure with all of those factors included is an entirely different thing. Why do you think miss percentages are so low at short (less than 10 yards) ranges? It has nothing to do with training, and everything to do with adrenaline and stress.

Try an IPSC or IDPA match sometime. When you're under the clock, there's a lot of stress. That 25 yarder they put in there seems incredibly far. I practice and train to be able to hit my target at closer ranges, because chances are very slim I'll have to take a shot greater than 10 yards. I'll practice out to 20 or 30 yards sometimes, and I'll go out to 50 rarely, but 5-10 yards is where I work most of the time. Why? Because statistically, if I am in a shooting situation, I won't have to hit a gong at 100 yards...instead, I'll have to hit an attacker at under 10 yards.
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