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Ok,,, I'll jump in here on this one. I have had two Kimbers both of them TLE RLs one bought one traded for and had problems with both of them. Personal experience with CS was awful. Both guns shared feed and eject probs and as far as accuracy,,,,,well lets just say not impressed. For the money that is paid, I feel a company should stand by you more than 1yr. Both of these guns suffered the rusty barrel syndrome and I am not the only one in my group that has had to put up with these examples. Needles to say it took almost a year and several trips back and forth to get these guns running good enough for me to sell them off.

I have had two Para Ord,,14-45 and 16-40 LDAs. Fantastic shooting 1911s but sold them mainly because I was offered a price that could not be refused.

I currently have a Colt Commander and the Springfield MC Operator. Love these two guns. Have about 10000 rds in each and they have never had a problem. Best part is they are warrantied for life no questions asked.

My next purchase will be a high end 1911. Looking at Nightwawk and Wilson Combat and the decision is difficult as to which one.

For those out there in Kimberland,,,I wish you luck. For those who have never had problems, you are truly the lucky ones but I am not willing to gamble the incredible amount of hit and miss problems associated with them.

For those looking at a Kimber,,,,,,,,skip over them and go to a Dan Wesson. Price is in similar ball park and they will stand behind you forever or check out STI. The Kimbers are too commercialized, they care more about dazzle than operation. Just my opinion to others justified by personal experience
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