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Old post but shows the need for perfume

One of my best friends owns a beautiful piece of property in prime Mississippi deer country, is a very good hunter, and owns a great deal of camo-scentlock-you-name-it-stuff from Cabela's. He located his girlfriend in a stand a couple of hundred yards away from his stand and waited. Not too long after settling in the deer stand, she shot one of the largest bucks in that part of Mississippi.

The irony is this: she, an experienced hunter, did not wear a stitch of camo, used no special soap or deodorant, in fact she wore casual clothes with a hint of perfume. Apparently perfume is a great buck attractant.

Deer are not too aware of color contrast (why wear camo with a required dayglo orange vest or hat?) but are atune to sounds and smells. In the eastern slope of the Sierras I walked up to and sat on a stump 25 to 30 feet from two does and one fawn and watched them browse, Not until the wind shifted from me to them did they notice me, snorted a bit, and ran off. A similar scene was experienced a few years earlier in Colorado with a pair of elk. My non-camo clothing and orange vest made no difference to those three deer and two elk. Maybe deer and elk need a few Cabela's catalogs to raise their awareness of camo needs.
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