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You'd better go with a .338 Lapua or .50BMG then... otherwise there's always "lost yards".

and there ain't no "lost yards" anyway, it's all just a matter of adding another click or two when you make the adjustment.

The whole of America seems filled with infectious Magnumitius these days. Guys talking about the .270 being a marginal elk caliber? That's just silly. A .243 is a good elk gun. It matters what important stuff you poke holes in, not how fast the bullet hits the tree on the other side.

If you like the .30-06, buy it. If you like the 7mm Mag, buy that. .243? .270Win? .270WSM?

Fine, buy whatever you like, but don't be deluded into thinking you're "losing yards" or getting something better.

No animal will ever know the difference. Hit them where it matters and they'll be dead. Read the wind, know the distance, make your adjustments correctly and most importantly know how to shoot and you'll hit them where you're supposed to. Miss one of those steps, and you won't.

It's that simple.
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