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A really nice finish can be had using

1/3 boiled linseed oil
1/3 turpentine
1/3 beeswax

(Known as culver's magic paste)

melt/mix it all together in a double boiler (do it outside if you want to keep your wife). It cools to a paste.

Gently warm the stock-place it in a warm room or near a heater. Don't roast the thing. As it cools, rub the paste sparingly into the stock with your fingers. Rub HARD, if your fingers aren't getting hot, rub harder. I use nitrile gloves for this step. Repeat 4 or so times, buffing off the excess between coats with a soft rag and you'll build up a nice period looking finish with pretty good water resistance. I usually wait a day between coats.
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