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Thank you for your reply! I am indeed fascinated by revolvers. I tried a number of handguns my friends own and came right back to a revolver. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. Most common argument against the revolver I hear from my friends is that it doesn't hold as many bullets as a gun. Well... yes, but I am not exactly going into the war here. I use it for target shooting and actually appreciate a reloading process. And I don't get jams every 50 or so rounds either, like they do. As for home defense argument, I think if you can't hit an intruder at least once or twice in six shots you shouldn't grab a gun altogether :-)

However my question remains: where can I try different types of revolvers? For example you've mentioned that K frame is a bit smaller. I would love to try one, as I find L frame somewhat large and heavy, although pretty comfortable. For target shooting it feels ok, but if I ever have to use it for a defense and shoot quickly using just one hand, I am not sure it will feel as good ...not that you should feel good in such situation, but still...
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