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Where do you try a revolver before you buy it?

Hello. Sorry if this is a too naive of a question, I am fairly new to revolvers. I've been going to the range and renting a revolver to shoot for a while. I came to a conclusion that .38 Special is "my size of ammo" and want to own a revolver of this caliber. Logic tells me that try before you buy is the best approach. But the place near me (suburbs of Chicago) has only one revolver in this caliber for rentals: S&W 686. When I inquired about "other revolvers in this caliber" they looked puzzled and gave me what they called Model 620. Essentially it's the same revolver, but with a 7-bullets cylinder.

I did a search on the Internet and in the radius of 50 miles the only one range that had anything different : Ruger GP101 Technically speaking neither one is .38 Special revolver either, they both 357 Magnums.

S&W 686 looked a little intimidating (big) at first, but felt fine once in my hand. I liked the aiming, accuracy and fairly low recoil (shooting .38 Special). Trigger felt great with single action and not bad with double action. Over all I like this revolver very much. But I definitely want to try other brands and models before buying one. So, here is the question: how can I do that? Or, at least how do you, guys, make your decisions on buying a new revolver. Where do you try them?!

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