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Funny that the straight designed mag well is mentioned so much, when if you have ever tried to change a AKM mag while trying for speed or under stress it is much much more difficult, this can probably explain why you generally see none in 3 gun matches or any similar competition.

Companies even make bolt on mag wells for AKM rifles and Saiga 12 shotguns to mimic the quick change magazine concept from the AR platform, wonder why?

It is not unlike the Glock crowd thinking because of internet lore from people who admire their guns more than actually shooting them that they are impervious to breakages and stoppages. I work for a gun smith shop (I am not a smith, just a paperwork jockey for transfers and all the boring details) however I have seen literally every type of firearm break or fail, including AK's and Glocks on a normal basis.

I have had a lot more issues with faulty AK's in my own experience than I have AR's, simply because a low end AK is made VERY low end. Where as a low end AR is generally made to a pretty acceptable standard.

One of my worst firearms EVER was a WASR AK rifle I owned. Why was it so bad? Well I was young when I bought it, didnt know anything about them, and didn't know enough to test the magazine fit to the receiver before I bought it like I know now. Who ever ground it out, took WAY too much material off and the mag wobbled around so much that it would cause FTF. I got rid of that thing and started learning what I could. A WASR can be a decent rifle, just certain things to look out for.

However even my cheapest of cheap AR's I have owned a $500 Bushmaster Carbon-15 never had any issues out of the box, even when throwing a suppressor on it and running it dry.
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