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M1 stocks and linseed oil?

My M1, made in 1/43, looks like the stock was barely finished. I understand the rush back then, but I'm waiting to get splinters.

I'd like to pretty up the wood a bit, but don't wish to do a full refinish, which would hide the rifle's history as well as maybe not be period correct. The stock is the color of medium toasted white bread.

My dad, PFC Robert H Wheater, a 95th ID vet(BS, PH) once said they had to rub linseed oil into the stocks.

Is this true and what would it make the wood look like?

Currently, I just rub the WD40 I clean and lube the rifle with into the wood.


BTW-FUN shooter! My GF's grandsons had a ball with it as well as my GI spec AO M1911.
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