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I fully agree with HK,
there are no inherent reliability issues with an AR. the whole poops where it eats argument is moronic. there have been literally been hundreds of independent torture tests that prove that over thousands of rounds almost all ARs are able to maintain acceptable levels of reliability(more than 99.9%) without cleaning.

the straight magwell flaw argument is also highly biased and does absolutely nothing to hurt the reliability of the AR in either it's 223 or 308 original calibers. this is proven by the fact that both 308 and 223 come available with 5, 10, and 20 round straight magazines and none of those magazine styles are known to cause reliability issues.

inability to use a folding stock is a fault that comes from pure bias as the AR pioneered a little invention called the telescoping stock. it's fully adjustable for just about any LOP you could ask for(which folding stocks do not) and still cuts down on the OAL of the rifle for storage.

the whole steel on aluminum creates friction argument is moronic. steel on steel also makes friction. how do you combat that? you don't, that's how. give me a single link that shows an AR BCG or upper receiver that was rendered inoperable from use with less rounds through it than any other military design... such a story does not exist because some of those ARs that have been running 100,000s of rounds since the early 70s are still going strong.
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