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for just a rifle for target shooting, recreation, etc, the AR15 might be better for you... if you wanted to change calibers, add a scope and toss on a 5 round mag to hunt, again, AR15 has that versatility... but anyone who denies it has reliability issues is simply being dishonest about it, even our government/military knew of its problems and for anyone to claim its not inherently flawed simply doesnt know too much about engineering

OR that your bias information is pretty out dated. Sure the design had issues in the first few years of its service due to the goverment using the wrong powder in it and other factors.

It is pretty hard to argue that is a BAD rifle when it or something sharing its design is used by almost every single top military unit in the world, and used successfully. If YOU think an AR is so problematic then you haven't spent enough time with one... in any conditions. SWAT magazine has a nice article on a BCM Rack rifle running 31,165 rounds with out a formal cleaning. Which I believe continued to count after the article was published.

Lets not forget even the Russians admit to the flaws of the 7.62 round and went with a smaller lighter round that mimics a 5.56.

Go to any service rifle match like Kraig suggested, or go to any serious level formal training carbine course, you won't see more than 1 person depending on class size running a AKM configuration, and from what I have seen they are always the last to complete or run a drill due to the BAD design flaws of the AKM pattern, having to take your hand off fire controls to rack it for starters, or still having to reach over or under depending on your method, its still inferior to the not so perfect T handle.

Both rifles have their flaws, but I am pretty sure most military units would not give up theirs anytime soon for an AKM platform, so I hardly doubt you can honestly consider it to be bad with out a rather large bias. I just finished up another Saiga conversion today, I own both, however AR's do the job better and faster.
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