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sfmedic said: it's like fingernails on a chalkboard when i hear of people taking files to gun sights to compensate for their poor techniques. If your consistantly shooting one way or the other using different guns it you - change your technique.
I think I've been involved in a similar discussion before with you on this point. I routinely file my front sight if needed on all of my guns. I sight in usually at twenty five yards using my favorite load. I set my rear sight at about mid elevation then file the front blade until I'm centered. Touch up with cold blue and I'm set for the woods.

Different bullet weights impact at different points, usually lighter bullets, at higher velocities, impact lower. Heavier bullets, running a little slower, will strike higher on the target. Having my rear sight at about mid point alows me to raise or lower the rear sight as required.

You might recall that most Uberti single actions have a front sight that is too tall for most off-the-shelf ammunition, to allow filing down for the selected ammunition.

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