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Scopes don't necessarily help you shoot significantly more accurately
I shoot with a scope so infrequently that my first 5 or shots with a scoped rifle will be awful. Just not used to it because I don't use one on a regular basis.

The spotting scope has always been more of an issue for me. I only have 2 scoped rifles, both are used for hunting. The others are mostly diopter. After 200yds, my spotting scope isn't worth a damn. Sometimes it means a lot of walking. At distances out to 300yds I'm not really any less accurate than I'd be with a scope. I've shot longer distances a few times...but lighting has to be very good. That's where the scope becomes an asset to me.

If you've got good or even semi-decent eyesight, I wouldn't be in a rush to scope it. It can be a bit more of a challenge, at first, but it is pretty rewarding when you get some tight groups at a long distance with iron sights.
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