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the way i see it.. the AR15 is a great platform, but a bad rifle... its very customizable with tons of aftermarket, caliber conversions, etc with a great optics platform... but a bad rifle because the design is fundamentally flawed, adopted way too early, and could have been improved... issues being the straight top of the magazine, no rails leading to hard steel on a soft aluminum receiver which causes a lot of friction, and because the carrier is so long (to make clearance for the hammer) due to wanting the upper receiver to essentially be a tube, it means you cant fold a stock and have the spring against your ear

the AK on the other hand is a great rifle, well designed to be reliable, consistant, and durable, but is a poor platform, theres no truly great optics platform, ergonomics are a tad off without aftermarket furnture, many people prefer a left side charging handle, and caliber conversions require custom machining certain parts and custom barrels, requiring a small shop to do a caliber change

for just a rifle for target shooting, recreation, etc, the AR15 might be better for you... if you wanted to change calibers, add a scope and toss on a 5 round mag to hunt, again, AR15 has that versatility... but anyone who denies it has reliability issues is simply being dishonest about it, even our government/military knew of its problems and for anyone to claim its not inherently flawed simply doesnt know too much about engineering

so looking for a practical battle rifle means looking for something youd trust your life with.. and whatever groups it shoots out to 100-200 yards and beyond... the AK will almost always shoot when you fire it.. its very consistant and reliable, so in knowing what its limits and shortcomings are, you can train around them... you cant train your way around a failure to feed as its a completely random event

so better platform = AR15
better rifle = AK
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