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I am the odd man out I guess. I've sold or gifted several guns in the last year or so and don't regret one of them. I will not list them because it would make some of you cry. I have just got to a point in my life that I have no one to pass them to, so, I've thinned the herd. What the heck, I'll go ahead and make some of you cry:

Colt Trooper MK III in .22lr
Colt Detective Special
Colt Cobra (nickel, and I don't care for nickel)
S&W Model 19 4" barrel (nickel, and I don't care for nickel)
Ruger MK II
Springfield XDs
S&W 642

Kahr K9
S&W Model 13 4" barrel

S&W Model 36 RB
S&W Model 36 SB

I got out of them what I paid for them (except for the gifted ones obviously), which for me is pretty good. I usually walk away from something quite a bit in the hole.
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