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People smell like people and urine smells like, urine. Body scent tells a deer where you are, urine tells him where you were. Same reason coyote urine works for cover scent. Deer won't come in to where they smell a 'yote, but 'yotes regularly mark where they've been. So the stale smell of their old urine makes deer feel safe. I've peed outta a treestand during a long day of rifle hunting and had deer stand in the yellow spots in the snow and act like nuttin' was up. Twenty years or so ago, I bow hunted a hot scape line and could see and hear the buck moving up and down checkin' them out 100 yards downwind for three mornings straight. Cover was too thick to move my stand any closer to where I could get a shot. Told an old guy at work about it one morning after being frustrated and he told me to pee in the one closest to my stand before I went up the tree. Next morning I shot him as he checked out the new wet spot in his scrape. No longer do I take an empty soda bottle with me or hustle down and try to wizz 100 yards downwind. Ain't no reason to.
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