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Thompson 1927A1 problems, need help

My grandfather just gave me his Auto-Ordnance 1927A1 to have it fixed up since he doesn't have the time or the patience to do it himself . Unfortunately it is missing the bolt, extractor, extractor spring, and firing pin retaining pins. To make things worse it is an older 1927A1 (circa early 1990's) so it was manufactured in West Hurley, New York which means it was made when Numrich still owned Auto-Ordnance (now owned by Kahr Arms ever since 1999 I believe). I called Kahr/Auto-Ordnance and asked if their parts would work and they told me that the specs of the parts had been changed, since the company was sold to them, just enough so that that parts are not compatible . They told me to try Numrich and they said they are sold out of all the parts I need except the extractor and that they are looking for another supplier for the rest of the parts and that it could be 30-60 days until that is done. It has been about 30 days since I first checked and since have been told by local gunsmiths that it has taken Numrich/Gunspartscorp 2-3 years to get some parts (depending on the part) and sometimes never get them in at all . Do I have any other options or do I have a cool looking paper-weight on my hands until Numrich/Gunspartscorp comes through with the parts if they even do at all?
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