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Can't go wrong with a Mossberg. They are like the Glocks of shotguns, tons of accessories and configurations. It wont be good for much other than home defense and just blasting stuff for fun with an 18in barrel but you can always get another barrel for it if you want to hunt or target shoot or whatever. Also the pistol grip only config limits what you can do with the gun too, but again you can always get a solid fixed stock or many other setups. My friend has a Remington 870 and threw a Blackhawk Knoxx PGO on it and he cannot hit anything with it but he loves it. If it were me I would go with the Blackhawk Knoxx Specops Folding Stock so you can have fun with the PGO config and also fold out the wire stock for more accurate shooting (Knoxx stocks are also supposed to help with recoil too). Heres a link to the stock I'm talking about if you want to keep the PGO but have a more stable shooting platform if you wanted/needed it:,1156,165.htm
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