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The Mossberg 500 is a fine shotgun of course. The pistol grip is not very useful. I bought a Mossberg Mariner that came with both the full buttstock and the pistol grip. I tried the pistol grip thinking it might be handy for in the tent when camping. I took it to the gravel pit to pattern/sight in and it was very hard to hit anything past 10 ft. At 20 yds I could only get one or two pellets nicking the 2'x3' board. And it is not easy to manage the severe muzzle rise. If you practiced with it a LOT I imagine one could get proficient with it. It was not worth it to me to put in that much time, effort and expense into something of marginal value.

I put the full buttstock back on. If I need something for that close range I will use my G27 or M29 handguns. If I need a shotgun I will use the buttstock.

Bottom line, I would get the Mossberg as it is a fine shotgun for field (with longer and choked barrel) or home defense with the idea to replace the pistol grip. I would not get it just for the pistol grip.
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